・The Worst Breath in the World by Tic Tac


【メモ】Ogilvy & Mather(Paris)によるプロモーション。道を尋ねられ、親切に答えてあげたのに息が臭すぎてみんな卒倒。


As the makers of a fun, small mint, Tic Tac wanted to demonstrate just how devastating bad breath can be.

So, they set up unsuspecting people walking through a Rouen plaza. Just as someone asks them for directions, they—and everyone else—faint.

The damage ripples outward, captured on a giant video screen, as people throughout the city lose consciousness. Finally, one of the stricken weakly offers up a Tic Tac, and the whole city is revived.″ height=”576″ width=”1024″ frameborder=”0″>


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